An Ode to our Chief Cuddle Officer

An Ode to our Chief Cuddle Officer

On Sunday March 15, 2015, Nadine and Fraser, and the Island Daily Deals team sadly said goodbye to their signature Chief Cuddle Officer, Niko Shemilt, at the young age of only 9 years old. His poor little liver gave out.  If you haven’t guessed by the photo, Niko, was our dedicated office cat and loved coming to the office to share our days.  He proudly would perch on Nadine’s desk or behind the computer throughout the day and make his rounds through the office. During meetings at our board room table he would roam around our feet wanting to not be left out of the action.  He was very attached to me (Nadine) and we shared a special bond over the years, if I would walk out of my office across the office, you could be sure not but 3 steps behind me, Niko would follow.  He was often shy around new people but warmed up to you as he got to know you. We would mention him as part of the team, even in articles in the Nanaimo Magazine, where he got his title the “CCO”.

Loosing a pet is never easy, and we’ve never known how hard it is until now. Niko was a dedicated kitty, with an attitude, an attitude we loved, who will be dearly missed in our lives and in the Island Daily Deals office.  This is a thank you to Niko Shemilt, who brought so many happy years and motivation to our lives!

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